TruCli is a subscription based service for businesses to find and share their experiences about their clients. Whether you are a small business or large, it is very important for you to allocate your efforts to cater to your clients. TruCli helps you find other's reviews and share the experiences you have had with your customers.

Our subscription plans are based on the number of searches and you can buy subscription plans for a specific number of searches. For each background search for a customer, you use a credit. 
If you are the first one to leave a review about the customer, your search is free and you get credited back for your contribution.

You can register your business for free. Once you register your business, we give you some credits to try out searches about other businesses' experiences. Each search uses a credit. If you are the first one to review a customer, you earn a credit. Once you run out of credits, you can choose to purchase search credits. You can get the details about the prices once you login.

TruCli platform is the premier platform focused on genuine customer reviews and in order to avoid any misuse, the businesses need to be registered.

We have processes to try our best to ensure genuine businesses and genuine owners / officers of the business to get access. While we have automated processes for most parts, the large volume of requests we receive every day may delay the process. Please be patient as we try to confirm the business. You will receive an email once approved. If it has been over 72 hours, please contact us. 

Every time you conduct a search with an email or telephone number, you use a credit. You can even EARN credits if you are the first one to leave a review about your experience.

No. Your credits do not expire. 

A business can earn credits by being the first one to write a review for a customer. 

Yes. We do send a courtesy message to the customer so that they can file a rebuttal and/or resolve any issue with the business. It is extremely important for both parties to keep all communications professional and factual.

Once your business account is approved, you will be able to add authorized users to use your account. Business administrator has the responsibility to manage the users and is responsible to monitor and manage the use of the TruCli platform by its authorized users. 

Our database of registered users is growing very rapidly.. If you search a customer and its not in our database yet, you can still add review of your experience with the customer and we will give you a credit for being the first one to review the customer and your search will be free.

Your search and review information is only used to share customer experiences. We do not sell the information about your specific searches to anyone. The only information that is shared with other subscribers is the reviews and minimal abstract analysis of the searches.

Yes you can cancel your business account any time. However unused credits are not refundable or transferable. If you cancel your account, you will lose any unused credits. 

Sure. You get trial credits when your business account gets setup. Use it to give our system a try for free. If you like what you see, you are able to purchase more credits as you go along. 

We depend on our business partners to put genuine reviews and information about the customer interactions on TruCli. If in case the customer believes the information is incorrect, they can submit a rebuttal that will be visible along with the review.. 

We require our business users to be professional at all times and state facts. If anyone believes the information provided is inappropriate or is in violation of our guidelines, one can report it for our review using the link next to the review.

Due to privacy concerns, we do not allow anyone outside of our registered businesses that share information, to see information other than the customers themselves. For a customer to be able to see information that businesses may have submitted, the customer has to be registered. 

There is NO CHARGE for the customer to register or to use the site. All you need is your email address and a verifiable phone number.

If you have done business with one of our registered companies, you can ask them to put in a good review for you. We strongly discourage and take corrective action against partner businesses in case if there is evidence of posting a fake review. 

Data and personal privacy is very important to TruCli. That is why we use minimal identifying information and use secure protocols for information sharing across networks. In addition, most information is kept encrypted to ensure data security.